The Wings of The Dove

Book CoverThe famous novel of the American classic, the master of psychological nuances and subtle experiences, the author of recognized masterpieces. The novel tells the story of Milly Theale, an American heiress who has a serious illness and her influence on the people around her – some of them are friends with Milly for noble reasons, while others are opportunistic.

England, the very beginning of the 20th century. A poor girl, Kate Croy, who lives in the care of her naughty aunt, wants to marry a poor journalist Merton Densher, against her aunt’s will.

One day Kate notices that her acquaintance, the American millionaire Milly Theale, who is terminally ill and trying to hide her illness, is also seriously interested in Merton. Kate does something “unreasonable”, bringing Milly and her fiance closer together.

The culmination of the relationship in the love triangle is a journey to Venice, during which Kate leaves Milly and Merton alone…

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