The Turn of the Screw

Book CoverThe Turn of the Screw – mystical and psychological story of the American-English writer Henry James, first published in 1898. The novel focuses on a governess who, caring for two children in a remote farm. She is convinced that the land is enchanted.

The story begins with a few people gathering behind the fireplace. One of them, Douglas, suggests reading the manuscript, which was sent to him by a woman who died twenty years ago and describes terrible and mystical things:

A young lady comes to a rich country estate to become a governess of two beautiful, but strange and quiet orphaned children – Miles and Flora. From the very first day of her stay at the estate, the she is drawn into a mysterious whirlpool and mystical events.

The country estate is haunted by mysterious evil. Ominous towers casts shadows at dusty windows, insidious phantoms gets closer and closer, day after day, night after night. With increasing horror, the governess realizes that the evil seeks to get children’s souls, seeks to master their minds. But, much worse, the young woman begins to realize that Miles and Flora are willing to obey the influence of evil…

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