The Golden Bowl

“The Golden Bowl” is James’s last completed novel.The book’s plot is based on real events. This is the story of two broken pairs. Before the reader unfolds the drama of the relationship between Maggie and her widowed father. Beautiful and charming characters challenge fate, trying to catch the bird of happiness…

Adam Verver, an American billionaire and art collector, marries his only daughter, Maggie, to the Italian Prince Amerigo, who belongs to an impoverished aristocratic family. He marries Maggie by calculation.

Shortly before the wedding, Prince Amerigo meets his former beloved, poor girlfriend, American Charlotte Stant, who turns out to be a friend of his bride. Maggie marries Amerigo, not knowing that he has something to do with Charlotte.

Maggie begins to feel that her marriage has broken the harmony with her father, she is worried that her father is too lonely. Having understood his daughter’s anxiety, he decides to marry Charlotte. As a result, Charlotte becomes Maggie’s father’s wife.

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