The Europeans

The Europeans continue to develop the author’s favorite theme – the difference between the Old and New Worlds. In this book a lot of passions, but they boil very delicately, in James’ way, inside. For all the heroes have the same passions, but almost all of them hide, some of their natural modesty, others – playing their role and pursuing their own not always noble goals.

In the hope of a successful marriage, Eugenia, Baroness Münster, and her younger brother, the artist Felix, descendants of the Wentworths, come to Boston. Settling next door, they become close friends with young Wentworths – Gertrude, Charlotte and Clifford.

Eugenia’s sharpness and refinement, along with Felix’s cheerfulness, create a difficult combination with Puritan morals, thrift and the inner dignity of Americans.

Comic manners and natural delicacy inherent in “Europeans”, contrasted with the new English traditions, resulting in difficult situations …

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