The Bostonians

In “The Bostonians” Henry James, as an outstanding psychologist, created very bright and realistic portraits of heroes with a rich inner world, living in the intellectual atmosphere of Boston – the most reckless romantics, the most naive idealists, people with the brightest ideas.
What can be more touching and saddening than the life of the rich old virgin Olive Chancellor, who dreams of dying in the struggle for universal female liberation and is waiting only for a sign from the universe to start his campaign against men?
What could be more hopeless than the post-war existence of her cousin Basil Ransom, a young and beautiful Southerner, who lost not only his condition and position in the civil war, but also his hope for prosperity? Only humor and good old conservative ideals keep his southern pride afloat.
And these two suddenly encounter something completely new, with something that can save them both. This is the young Verena Tarrant, possessing an amazing gift of public appearances and no less amazing beauty…

Basil Ransom, a cousin of Olive Chancellor, arrives in Boston. Basil Ransom – Mississippi lawyer and Civil War veteran. Olivia Chancellor brings him to a political meeting where Verena Tarrant gives a feminist speech. The conservative Ransom is irritated by the speech, but fascinated by the speaker…

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