The Ambassadors

The novel The Ambassadors Henry James considered his main creative achievement. Readers will have a fascinating journey into the world of human passions, tangled situations, deep experiences. Together with the main character we will wander the streets of foggy London, walk along the boulevards of shining Paris. The author with the help of his characters will reveal many secrets, the main of which is the secret of the human soul.

The aging idealist Lambert Strether comes to Europe to persuade the willful son of the rich widow Mrs. Newsome, who is fond of the femme fatale in Paris, to return home and start a family business.

Strether does not like to interfere in other people’s affairs, but for the successful performance of his mission he has personal motives – he hopes to marry Mrs. Newsome upon his return to the States.

However, during the trip Strether faces unforeseen complications and comes to unexpected conclusions.


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