Daisy Miller

Book CoverDaisy Miller is a delicate, lyrical, ironic love story. One of the masterpieces of the writer’s “small” prose, the subjects of which are based on the collision of European and American cultural consciousness, the “point of view” of an individual and social stereotypes, “book” perception of the world and individual experience. The conflict between the stubborn British morals and the innocent frivolity of a young American woman is a collision in this novel.

The young American, Mr. Winterbourne, who has been living in Europe for many years and has lost American habits and identity, comes to the small Swiss town of Vevey. At the hotel, he meets rich Americans – Mrs. Miller and her children, a nine-year-old boy and his older sister. The girl – Daisy Miller – amazes Winterbourne with her beauty, as well as free and easy behavior, which is not accepted in Europe. She does not hesitate to openly express her desires and slips away with the first person she likes.

Who is this girl? An open soul, born to fly free, or just a girl with bad manners, who wants to have fun and bounce from man to man, without burdening herself with boring rules?

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